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Red Rocks Pt.I

February 11, 2018

Our short stay in Utah is over and we are now in Nevada for a solid week to 10 days.  We are having a mini-reunion of sorts.  I have a friend flying out to climb with us and we just found out a climber friend [Hyo] from university will be in the area as well!  So fun!  We are aren't in climbing shape yet, so to save our arms we've been exploring the area in other ways.  Hiking and biking seem to be the means of travel over the last few days.

 We spent part of the first day having a regular school day with the boys, sitting at the picnic table working on perimeter, descriptive sentences, basic math skills and the geology/geography of the area.  Serious school stuff right?  In the afternoon we headed out for a bike ride and the boys showed us how to crash, get up, cry, walk and then get back on their bikes.  Tough little monkeys started and finished on their bikes.  We examined the cacti, hiked to the top of the hill and learned about the sandstone and limestone cliffs found throughout Red Rock Canyon.


 Friday we hiked ice box canyon, a narrowing trail that finished with boulder hopping and scrambling.  The hiking was so fun and the boys were like ping pong balls bouncing off one rock then the other.  The canyon kept getting narrower and narrower until it reached the apex, an overhanging waterfall.  The snowfall this year wasn't has intense and so the waterfall was mostly dried up.  Funny enough, we had yet to take a family picture on our trip, so we took advantage of the cool landscape and calm air.  Four attempts later and we had a keeper!.  




 The next few days should be filled with climbing and and camaraderie with some old friends.  Can't wait...


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July 28, 2018

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