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Feet not Wheels

February 6, 2018

Today was our first day of not moving.  By not moving, I think we drove a total of 20 km today rather than the 900 km for two days straight.  It was the price you pay to get to the warmer weather and today we enjoyed the 22oC weather of St. George, Utah. 


The day started with a leisurely beginning by our standard so far.  Out of bed by 9 AM and then breakfast.  It wasn’t until 11 that we were ready to get moving.  We started with a short hike into Jenny’s Canyon, a slot canyon that comes to a dead end.  It was a great introduction to the narrow hiking you can find here in the Sandstone of Utah.  For us, the layering and stratification was so fun to look at!  We’ll have our science lesson ready for tomorrow!


After lunch we headed out on our main hike of the day.  This was the Petroglyph trail.  It’s not mentioned in the Snow Canyon Pamphlet, but with a little digging, you can find the trail head.  It has some great slot canyon hiking and several sections with Petroglyphs.  We had to scramble around a few boulders to access our exit, but it shortened the hike by a good hour.


Tomorrow will be another day of exploring rather than driving.  There is lots to do in Snow Canyon State Park and I think we'll pull the bikes down off the truck.  We’ll also get a good look at some of the unique rock around us.  Here's someone who was glad that today was feet, not wheels.



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July 28, 2018

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