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Roadtrip almost over before it began.

February 4, 2018

So passports, check.  No fruits, no vegetables, check, check.  Cash less than $10,000, definitely check.  All good right?  That's what we thought until we got to the border.  We had a nice guy who asked all the regular questions until he got to the how long are you down for.  That 4 months threw him off.  We start telling him about our trip and the next thing we know we have a small crowd forming in the customs booth.  Then a lady asks what online school are the kids attending.  We tell her we are homeschooling our kids.  She asks what accredited online school we are using and when we say none, it's inside we go.


Yeah, at this point we're getting the same sinking feeling in our guts and same freaked look on our faces.  All I can say is Stacie can hit the homerun in a pinch.  She pulls out the program of studies, her ATA card, our leave of  absence letters from the school board and an email from the boys principal, signing off their education to us.  Add that to a nicer older gentleman inside and it's back on the road for us!


I don't think the knot in my stomach disappeared until after Butte.  


DAY 1!!


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July 28, 2018

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