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 a family who loves science and the outdoors!  We are spending 6 months travelling the US and Canada to experience all that this continent has to offer.


We are travelling throughout Canada and the USA to educate our students about science that is all around us.

In addition to educating students about the science around them, we will be connecting students with experts in various STEM occupations.  By bridging the gap between students and scientist we hope to make science real to the students and promote a future in a STEM career.


I'm a teacher, a dad, tech support, entertainment and trip planner.  I keep things going in the background while someone else takes care of the day to day stuff.

I enjoy climbing, hiking, biking and all things science.  The idea of spending all this time exploring the science around us is a dream come true.   Even better, I get to share this experience with my family.


I'm also a teacher, a mother, an applier of band-aids, a nurturer and single female of this crew.


What Mark can't do, I do.  As a team we fill each others faults and keep this ship sailing smooth.

I love science and how all the little things fit together.  My passion is space science and I'm so excited for all the astronomy sites we will be visiting.



The oldest of our Jr. Adventurers, he's quick to chase after his dad.  He has a passion for reading and can get lost in a book or exploring the unknown.

He loves to examine rocks and watch the animals around us.  Once we get him outside he never seems to tire.


The second adventurer who can find fun anywhere.  Leave it to Evan to find the random chair by the side of the road.

Evan is a ball of energy who burns his parents hands if we can't turn him loose soon enough.  Once he's free he will run, jump and explore until he burns out and we're left to carry him back home.  This one burns bright as he explores all that we find.